Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In Tongues Illustrated: 1/250, A/J

In Tongues Illustrated is a signed, numbered limited edition book of 250 copies, in case you didn't know. The first ten copies also are lettered A-J and feature original drawings on the last page of the book. Those copies are priced 100 dollars more than the other copies, so if you buy the book from me one of these special editions is 130, 140 if you're mail ordering it, 150 if I'm mailing it to you overseas. I used the drawings as a way to revisit characters and situations from the book. Above, with the first one, we have Jack's nemesis, after a fashion, born of smoke and pollution, from the "Early Adventures of Jack Lustmord" strip.

In Tongues Illustrated: 2/250, B/J

Misericordia the Misologist gets to the point of it all.

In Tongues Illustrated: 3/250, C/J

Dr. Skull and one of his gang, living the life.

In Tongues Illustrated: 4/250, D/J

Mona cast in the role of the god (turned goddess in this case) Khnum from the "Yes! I Descended into Mona's Madness!" strip, in which Jack also shows up as the king's ka. I lifted this idea from an example in Julian Jaynes's The Origin of Consciousness in the Break Down of the Bicameral Mind.

In Tongues Illustrated: 5/250, E/J

This robotic entity in the employ of Lustmord, Inc. from "The Early Adventures of Jack Lustmord" returns to compute (or not to compute), perchance to dream of his own private cybernetic Mona.

In Tongues Illustrated: 6/250, F/J

The dyslexic veteran of half-remembered wars in "The Ballad of One Hand" returns with a practical lesson in self actualization.

In Tongues Illustrated: 7/250, G/J

Here's another variation on the final, "epidermal epilogue" image.

In Tongues Ilustrated: 8/250, H/J

Here's the character without a name from the "Prologue" to the book. He seems to have something of a Dockery family resemblence to me...

In Tongues Illustrated: 9/250, I/J

Jack Lustmord ponders the imponderables with a classic tobacco cigarette. A little more composed than he appears on the cover of the book. And perhaps a touch thinner. Not unlike his creator (that would be me, not the Lord, but who's keeping score?).

In Tongues Illustrated: 10/250, J/J

Mask or Machine? gives the thumbs up from a distant, four-fingered place.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Infancy of Misericordia the Misologist II

Misericordia the Misologist will bring it on home, a lamplighter if you please. Due to the disruption in computer activity, I'm a little late in finishing up the In Tongues Illustrated sketches. But I'm ready willing & able to wrap it up soon. Following this post, I'll get all the A-J images up for the world to see, then it's back to Mr. Sketchum business as usual.