Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Little Notebook: Unitarians vs. Film Noir

I got this smaller notebook that I rarely draw in. It's more used for lists of things, reminders, definitions of words, and various things that need not be strictly drawn. It's a handy book to have around when I'm not necessarily carrying around my bag, a sketchbook that's pocket-sized. But sometimes, such as when going to the Unitarian church with my honey, I trail off and do such things as doodle, or, in this case, sketch the early 20th century historical figure from a photo on the day's program book whilst the minister delivered a sermon on early women in the church.

Then, other times, such as this one above, I just gussy up my lists a bit. These are four film noirs I wanted to see but are technically out of print. Since then, I got to see Act of Violence (if anybody out there in tv land hears of the others being easily obtainable, drop me a line). I may run some more tidbits from the little sketch/notebooks in the future. Thanks for tuning in.

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