Thursday, June 19, 2008

What a Difference a Discombobulation Makes

There's holistic and then there's just holes. I've liked this page from a recent moleskine sketchbook spread. But the elements just didn't seem to warrant a scan as a whole. You got the "cheese" gal, who is sporting the most Dan Clowes-ian mouth I've ever attempted to bestow upon a character.

Then you got this guy above, who seems to be my own personal meditation on decapitation and manifest destiny, if you will.

This arty head, which serves no practical purpose.

And then this guy, I don't even wanna think about too much.

But when you separate these images out and then put 'em back together again, the chemistry seems to coalesce into some kinda sparity as opposed to disparity. I mean, maybe.

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Carol said...

The latter picture is myself post visit with in-laws. I wish I thought that was meant to be humorous.