Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Computer Limbo

Thanks to all who made the In Tongues Illustrated book release one heckuva party in Lexington, Kentucky this past weekend.

As for right now, it's off to SPX I go this weekend.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the home computer is in the shop , and it was not back as soon as it was reported to be, I have been out of the cyberspace realm, and, as a consequence, I am behind on getting the rest of the ITI related images posted. As soon as I do (I'm borrowing a pal's laptop just to catch up on the basics), whenever the hell that is, the first ten copies marked A-J with the original drawings will be up here, in addition to a few more sketches.

'Till then, enjoy the Wallace Wood perennial favorite above.

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hi j todd.....it was great to play at your book release....i love love love your work! peace, love, and harmony, clint