Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In Tongues Illustrated Book Release 9/27

When: Saturday September 27th 7-9pm
Where: Morris Book Shop, 408 Southland Drive, Lexington, KY
What: Music by Warmer Milks (

"In Tongues Illustrated is a paper product that, like toilet paper and the Bible, belongs in every home. Buy it and dig it or continue on your dreary way to the mass grave of mediocrity."--Nick Tosches, author of In the Hand of Dante

"Disorientation is common when viewing scathing white-hot truths such as those contained in Dockery's comics."
--Jeffrey Scott Holland, artist/writer, author of Weird Kentucky

In Tongues Illustrated is my fifty page graphic novel meets art book, a signed & numbered limited edition of 250 copies, also including the first ten of which are in addition lettered A-J featuring an original drawing on the back page that can be had for a few extra dollars. The interior is offset printed with a cover that is a combination of offset and letter press (the latter done with artist-printmaker Ben Durham at his Tug & Maul press in Midway, KY), and the book is bound Chicago style, giving it that certain Frankenstein meets rustic primitive visionary essence (and what other essence would I strive for, really?).

In the month of September, I'll be building up the official book release by updating Covertly and by Snatches with examples of sketches that pertained to the development of the In Tongues book, as well as displaying the aforementioned original drawings for the first ten copies marked A-J.

Also tune in to Mick Jeffries's Trivial Thursdays ( program Sept. 25th 7-9AM, the Thursday before the 27th, as I'll be the guest on his WRFL 88.1FM ( show, talking trash about my book amongst other (ir)relevant flotsam & jetsam, with special guest host Brian Manke.

The weekend of the 27th precedes my sojourn with the book to SPX (a sorta comic convention that's more in line with the underground/alternative/self-publishing tradition than simply the superhero thing) in Bethesda, Maryland (

Lastly, this release party will be bookended on the local Lexington tip with my inclusion in the Lexington Art League's "Comix" exhibition running February 7 to March 28, 2009, with a Gallery-Hop reception on Feb. 20th. If for some reason you can't make it to the release party at Morris Books, keep your dance card open for Feb. 20th.

J.T. Dockery

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